Thursday, 28 September 2017

8-hour Singapore layover

In the middle of our 30 hour + journey to Australia, we had a layover in Singapore. Now Singapore wasn't really somewhere that was a bucket list place for me, and I didn't really have any sort of idea of what there was to do there. But when the cheapest flight to Australia included a long layover we jumped at the chance to explore this city-state.

Singapore Marina Sands SkyPark view
We landed in Singapore's Changi Airport, labelled by some, the best airport in the world. But instead of spending the 8 hours trawling around the airport (which we most definitely could have done with the amount of activities to do), we decided to venture out into the city. We were so surprised when we were researching Singapore by the size of it and how small it was. But you will soon see we hardly even made a dent in what there is to see and do, and we most definitely need to go back and make sure we get everything in.